About us

We are on the transport market since 2002.

We specialize in express transpor. Our company offers fast and safe delivery throughout the European Union.

Initially,  we provided our services only in Poland, but the satisfaction and the demand of our customers has prompted us to extend the offer for the whole European Union.

The quality of services, which are provided by AutoSprint, is a reflection of the requests of our customers.  We guarantee the fulfilment of every order according to our priorities:

  • Speed     availability 24 hours a day  and fast  delivery time is provided by the professional                          management and modern fleet                    
  • Safety     the full package of motor insurance and OCP ensure the comfort of our services
  • Timeliness of deliveries   

                      Our qualified staff watches over the fulfilled orders. As an aid we use a                                                           special monitoring system GPS Cartrack 


 I invite you to cooperation 

     Rafał Gajowniczek