Auto Sprint is a modern, open to the client's needs company. We are engaged in international transport within the European Union.


  • Our offer is directed to both large and small companies, institutions, offices, shops, warehouses as well as individual customers. Our offer is for all those for whom time is very important.

  • We specialize in express transport, in the " door-to-door " system, to all countries of the European Union (overland - International Express Delivery). We use cars with a capacity to 1400 kg.

  • Our fleet consists of modern cars, vans and trucks, which meet all requirements of the European Union. Each car has different dimensions (up to 30m3, 12 pallets and the maximum height 2,45m).

  • Our drivers are experienced and qualified. All drivers have mobile phones, so it allows for a quick, efficient and well organized contact with our forwarders and customers.

  • Each  car is fitted with satellite navigation system. The freight forwarders watch over the whole supply process and they control all cars and their loads.

Our offer is individualized, tailored to specific customers needs.

In that case, our offer is extremely attractive.

  • We are on call for 24 hours/7 days a week/365 days in a year. We ensure the quick and safe transport on time.
  • We are sure that you will be able to find out about our reliability if you decide to take advantage of our offer.


Your time needs us - Auto Sprint